I run a freelance studio specialising in design craftsmanship, informed typography and bespoke illustration. I enjoy doing work thats is both stimulating, challenging and  requires a creative use of print technology.

I work with brands, agencies and individuals on projects, developing sophisticated and sustainable design solutions.

Art Direction • Illustration • Graphic Design • All things Print & Packaging 



‘Exile On Mainstream has worked with Roland Scriver on more than a few occasions in the past 5 years and we appreciate and endorse not only his artistic and creative skills, but also his reliable professionalism when it comes to time-sensitive projects. In the daily business of a record label we often need to act under time constraints and need to rely on sources being able to deliver f.i. artworks perfectly layed out to specs in almost no time. Roland Scriver has always been top of our list for such challenge. It is a rare treat in such circumstances to be able to fully rely on someone not only being able to turn around a job quickly but also doing so with striking ideas driven by almost boiling creativity. Roland has delivered artworks for several releases on the label, has been our artist of choice for our big 15 years anniversary campaign, designed tour posters and flyers and artwork for what is currently our most important release, the album ‘Jug Fulla Sun’ by legendary rock veterans Spirit Caravan. Rolands work is driven by a deep understanding of the philosophy behind the approach of musicians and his artwork always strictly follows the individual aesthetic of our artists in the way that he incorporates his own ideas in a manner very sensitive to their needs. To cut it short: we can’t think of anyone more dedicated, or a more perfect fit for what we are trying to achieve.’

– Andreas Kohl. Label Manager, Exile On Mainstream Records. http://www.mainstreamrecords.de

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